Have you been worried about kids recently?

You’re not alone. ThinkFun, a games and toys company, set out in October of 2022 to answer “How can we strengthen the skills kids need for their Mental, Emotional, Social Health (MESH) and build resiliency through play?” Through the collaboration of ThinkFun and resiliency expert Deborah Gilboa, M.D., MESHhelps.org was launched to bring this conversation about kids’ MESH to the forefront and build a taskforce of industry and non-industry professionals to address the growing concern. 

Three infographics. First says 71% of parents believe the pandemic has taken a toll on their child's mental health. Second says 44% of all teenagers reported feeling sad or hopeless in the past year. Third says suicide attempts have increased by more than 50% in adolescent girls just in the past two years.
Infographic saying "According to the Pew Trust, “Nearly every child in the country is suffering to some degree from the psychological effects of the pandemic"

Games and Toys can help in two ways.

Providing Immediate Comfort
Fidget toys and stuffed animals help kids feel better when they are having a hard time.

Building MESH Skills
There are 4 categories of games and toys that build kids’ skills making them more resilient now and for the future.

Kids can learn MESH skills through everyday play.

Photo of children at play with a wooden train set as a father looks on.

These develop children’s ability to identify and overcome obstacles.

These build children’s self-advocacy, meaning their ability to explain what they’re experiencing to themselves and to others, growing their self-regulation skills in the process.

These strengthen children’s adaptation and cognitive skills and motivates them to determine when to seek assistance.

These strengthen children’s relationships and comfort to ask for assistance when they need it.

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